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Staff that wish to get ''Un-frozen'' (Moderator and above) can make a post about this in the ''general thread'' with provided proof of minimum of 14 hrs last two weeks on steam. (As it goes under the minimum required 7 hours a week policy). (Just make a screenshot).

(''Un-freeze form'' will be added / made at a later point in time.)

Staff Rules

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[FG] King
General Rules

  • Use common sense
  • Do not Spam Mic/Chat (Spamming ulx commands are included)
  • Respect other Staff members and Users.
  • Don't be racist.
  • Listen to higher rank staff. If you have a complaint, please make a thread.
  • Not strictly an English speaking server, Other languages are allowed.
  • If a staff member abuses powers, make staff abuse report on the forum with evidence. (Only Admin rank or above may take direct action).
  • Do not Ungod / teleport / Uncloak / etc, other staff members without their permission. (It is considered staff abuse).

What to do in Situations 

  • A Player is mic spamming (This includes chat spamming)

    • 1. Give them a verbal warning 2. Gag them for 5 minutes then ungag 3. !warn and !kick (Mic Spamming x2 warning)

  • A Player is disrespecting the server (Calling it trash, etc)

    • 1. Ask them not to disrespect the server and make a thread on the forums 2. Mute or Gag player 3. !warn player and !kick (Disrespecting the server x2)

  • A Player is hard flaming (Hard disrespecting) another user.

    • 1. Tell them to stop flaming 2. Give them a !warn 3. !kick (Flaming Players) 4. !ban for 24 hours (1440 minutes)

  • A Player is spamming props that is lagging the server

    • 1. Tell them to delete their props 2. Kick 3. !ban permanent

  • A New Player just joined the server (Has under 30 minutes of playtime) and Prop Pushing like crazy

    • 1. Give them a verbal warn 2. !kick 3. !ban for 3 days (4320 minutes)

  • A Old Player is Prop Pushing (more then 30 minutes of playtime)

    • 1. Give them a verbal warning 2. Jail them for 30 seconds and !warn 3. !kick 4. !ban for 24 hours (1440 minutes)

More Is Coming soon. Suggest more in the comments.

Staff Forum Login

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Staff are required to Login atleast twice a week on the forum (two different days).
If you don't login for a month you will get put in ''Frozen'' staff (Only moderator or above get this), and your staff abilities will be revoked from the server. (Trail-mods have to make a new Staff application.)

Minimum hours each week for staff!

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Minimum hours for staff around 7h a week to keep the staff team stable
Cause i've not seen that many staff active on the server except some like alvin,ceiku
so i thought about this,you have to have atleast 7h EACH WEEK to stay as an active staff member (thats 1h each day!) cause joining every month for 20 minutes  is not really doing your job! and becoming staff member and then eventually stop ISNT EITHER!
If there are special reasons you can not reach this time within a week such as (school,exams,holiday) that it should be notified on the forums!

This is actually a serious thread ment for STAFF! take a good look at it and if there are rules that should be adjusted do so i really want to have an active staff team then an inactive staff team!

we have to make firegamers great again!, or it will break in 10 like team 10 EKSDEEEEE)

I'm Back People, (From Holiday)

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I have been on holiday for 2 weeks and i am ready to roll


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The Support page has been fixed, now with the live chat.

We also have a new staff list which displays all staff members and donators with their steamid and profiles.


Quick Update

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In case you didn't notice, the navigation bar on the forums had a little design problem due to 2 donation tabs, This has now been resolved
The support hub is also down for maintanance and should be fixed by tomorrow or even tonight if i have time

Ok Then

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I have listened to you guys in the community and have decided that ground control will be a better game mode to use. I am going to be on teamspeak for nearly all of today for you guys and will start on the server straight away. It will be ready for you guys in the community within the next week. If you want to help and do stuff on it to set it up with me then talk to me on teamspeak or message me on steam. All help is appreciated and taken into account if ever was to apply for staff

Replacing Sandbox Soon

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[FG] King
Hello, FireGamers community!

Our hosting just release some new server's out and we are thinking about switching to the new server. It will be a 48 slot, less laggy server for everyone to enjoy. (If the server doesn't lag at 48, I will bump up to 64 slots) This will take effect on the 5/30/17. I'll see you on the server!

Also, this project is a big, expensive project. We will need all the donations we can take! Every ($,£,?) counts! Have a nice day! 

Staff Announcment

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I would like to ask all staff to please take a look at the guidelines post for staff on the forums. It is located under Staff>ULX Guidelines And Rules.
That area is staff only so other players please don't wonder why it isn't there

Changing Forums

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[FG] King
Soon, we will change forums. I will keep you updated.

Staff Meeting

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Hello Everyone!!! 

Hope everyone is having a  great time. We have arranged a Staff Meeting for all staff -including Trial-Mods.
This meeting is mainly for staff and will take place on the teamspeak server at 10pm GMT / 5pm UTC Central Time Zone; Next Friday (14/4/17) If any users who aren't staff have something to say then come along but remember you will be moved out of the channel when we talk about staff only matters.
The meeting will be PTS so remember to request talk power when you want to talk.


Server downtime

Server is currently down for maintenance to fix the chat problem.
We're not sure how long it will last, but server will come back up when the fix is done.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Emblem Contest

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[FG] King
Hello, and welcome to the FireGamers first contest!

How it works
You must create a stunning emblem (F6) for the server. Read the rules on what you can/can't do.

Like most contests, there are some rules on what you can/can't do.

  • No porngraphic/racist emblems
  • Must be your work
  • Don't have it simple (Be creative)

How to submit your work
Take a screenshot of the emblem, go to this post, press the image button, and post your screenshot URL. 

For the top 3 people with the best emblems
1. 100 K points, and a custom hat.
2. 45 K points, and a free orbit strike.
3. 25 K points.

Due date is 3/26/17

You may now donate with Steam.

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[FG] King
How to donate with Steam Funds
Remember, donating with paypal is always the cheapest choice.

1. You want to go here.
2. Buy keys (1 key = 200 credits)
3. Set a trade with this user.
4. Give the keys you want to be traded for credits. (Do not send troll request)
5. You will receive the credits once the account gets the key
(Warning, you must be signed into this website to get the credits

You can also donate with other items:
- TF2 weapons (1 weapon = 3 credits)
- Steam Trading Cars (1 trading card = 5 credits)
- More coming soon


Forums Update

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Hello Everyone!!! 

If you have not noticed already we have a new domain name / URL / link to our website, Instead Of FireGamers.mistforums.com (which still will work) we now use FireGamers.co.uk or www.firegamers.co.uk (Note .com does not work)

 And For all all you guys who want your questions answered, We now have a live chat support where you can contact us 24/7 and if offline you can make a ticket and we will deal with it ASAP. Not all staff have been added yet, but most staff who are above trial mod will be added as chat agents soon. 

Next up, We now have a brand new support page which can help navigate you throughout our forums to all of the important pages.

Sanbox and Breach Admin
DarkRP Owner 
Forum Admin

Forums ReDesign / Update

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Hello Everyone!!!

I am going to redesign the forums so it will look custom to our community 
This will be done with the help of everyone including all of you!
I would be very happy if you guys replied to this post with some suggestions for the look of the forums 

We have already added a lot of new features and design.
Such as If you scroll to the bottom of the page we now have some links for you guys to check out and help you
There is now a teamspeak view section, if you look at the navigation bar there is now a teamspeak section where you can view the teamspeak from the web.

To reply to this post go to the forums secton > News and Announcements > And then to this post

Thank You

DarkRP Owner
Sandbox Admin
Forum Admin

New Forum Update

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[FG] King
Hello everyone!

Once again, we have new updates to the forum that we might think you would enjoy! 
For all those facebook users, you can now rate each other post/community! 10 ratings
are already out for you guys to use, including Funny, WTF, Sad, etc...

Hope you guys enjoy this new update,
sincerely, King

Sandbox: More Addons!

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[FG] King
More Addons!
I just recently put in more addons for our Sandbox PVP server. Here is the list of new addons:
- Simple Prop Damage
- Sam's guns
- Fading doors
- More weapons
If you have any other addons that you would like for me to install, please post them here!